Bethany will inspire joy and hope, as she brings her real and raw story of courage to the table. Her ability to captivate and connect to her audience as she speaks, will leave each person feeling uplifted and empowered. Bethany is able to motivate and bring challenge to each person’s everyday culture; knowing it’s the little moments of courage that bring the greatest impact of change.

Cultivating Joy in Leadership!

Raising fear-less leaders in today’s workforce.

Prepare to laugh and learn as Bethany reveals what makes top-performing organizations so effective! Organizations that dig deep into joy carry great influence and cultivate an environment of innovation, resilience, and a safe place to fail. Joyful leaders build a place of trust and safety for those they lead. On the other hand, fear will keep you paralyzed from moving forward in your leadership and will hinder growth at every level in an organization. This session takes a realistic look at the difference in a joy versus fear culture.  Learn to lead from a place of joy and build a culture that thrives! 

Burned Out? Lean Into Gratitude.

Establish health boundaries in your personal and professional life.

Do you find yourself stretched too thin and don’t have enough time, energy, or mental capacity to give the best of who you are to the people who really matter? It doesn’t matter how much talent or skill you have if you are burned out! Learn to be all in with your ‘yes’! Establishing healthy boundaries within your personal and professional life allow you to lean into gratitude and keep your compassion tank full. Bring the best ‘you’ to your everyday life. 

Hope After Infant Loss.

No one ever expects to face the loss of a baby. Cherish the life never to be forgotten.  

Life is to be cherished at every stage, and captured in our memories and hearts as sacred treasures from heaven. Bethany shares her story of hope after her heartbreaking miscarriage! I never thought that I would have to face the loss of a baby–a miscarriage. You have friends and family go through the loss, but never think it will be you. You hear their stories and don’t know what to say as they grieve and share their heartbreak. You sit awkwardly quiet, hoping they won’t look to you for answers; you search for the right words to say, but nothing seems enough. You remember the moment they told the world the news of their joyful surprise, “We’re expecting”. Now, all the sudden, out of nowhere, the unexpected… YOU are told the life that was growing inside of you is not to come to be.”

Press the ‘Pause’ Button.

Extraordinary moments we have been waiting a lifetime for.

We don’t live for the one extraordinary moment, but life is a series of moments that lead to the extraordinary whole. So often we live our lives and anxiously wait for ‘the one’ moment. But daily we are given moments to pause in, celebrate, stay present, and hold to.  It is often in the ordinary moments that become the extraordinary moments we have been waiting a lifetime for.  Learn how to find your ‘pause’ button for the extraordinary!  

Getting curious! 

Courage to live authentically in the “trueness” of you. 

Finding our identity is not about what we do, but the courage to daily live from the “trueness” of who we are.  So many things in life fight to define us–career, education, health and wellness, finances, upbringing, etc., but how do we find who we are at the core? Getting Curious is about learning to ask ourselves the tough questions that will bring healing, wholeness, and freedom.  Bravely going to the deep places in our hearts to unearth the treasure of our “trueness”

Unlocking Creativity!

Find your gifts and talents meant to be shared with the world. 

Everyone has the ability and power to create! Be empowered as Bethany shares her raw process of unlocking creativity in her own life, and overcoming the barriers to creativity. Appreciate the gifts and talents you were given as you embrace vulnerability and authenticity as your create. You will be inspired through her original music and songs, and laugh and cry as you hear her heart and passion for YOU becoming the creative you were meant to be.