If you have ever wondered what it might feel like to celebrate the “spaces in-between” life’s most challenging moments and gain a deeper realization of your life’s purpose, then Bethany Conway is the speaker you need to hear.

Bethany uses her gift of music and words to remind audiences that what makes life precious and worth living is not the events that weigh us down, but the tiny moments of joy that are born of profound hope. Her energy is palpable. She often breaks into a dance in the middle of a song – unashamed to channel the inner joy she radiates so readily.

I have had the unique privilege to work with Bethany as part of our organization’s Glee Choir, a group of co-workers who enjoy singing and making music together. Under Bethany’s leadership, the Glee Choir has become a well-organized and sought-after group within the healthcare community.

As a singer and songwriter, Bethany uses humor, emotion, effective storytelling, music, and song to move any team from laughter to tears, and more laughter. When speaking to a group, her words both captivate and enlighten those around her. Her message of resilience and hope awakens the soul and leaves people deeply inspired to find their truest purpose in the intersection of their fervent joys and the world’s deepest hunger. 

I am confident that Bethany will wow and inspire her audiences at any imaginable setting. As an entrepreneur she understands the intricate process of achieving success by accepting challenges head on as an opportunity that propels her to new discoveries.

Without hesitation I recommend Bethany to any team, leaders, organization or groups that need the extra boost in realizing their highest potential as individuals or as a community. 

-Austine Duru, Executive Director Pastoral Care, SSM Health


Bethany encourages the light within you to shine its brightest.  Through her message and music, she inspires each person to embrace life in the present, enjoy the journey and celebrate and share their unique gifts. Bethany is transformative and uplifting – finding joy in guiding you towards yours.  Spend time in her amazing light —  you’ll be glad you did!

-Sarah Schenkat, M.Ed, Organizational Development Leader, SSM Health

Bethany lights up a room!   In the past several years she’s been an integral part of one of our largest company events that I’ve helped organize.  She has a presence that cannot be described fully in words:  She can captivate an audience with her passion, spirit and faith.  And to top it all off, she’s a world class singer and musician!  If you want your event to feature a well-rounded keynote that will engage and enliven your audience, Bethany’s your ticket.

-Steve King, System Leader – Employee Experience, SSM Health


Bethany is a positive spirit and shining star with aspirations to give back more in every aspect of her life. Her passion for coaching and mentoring others, exceptional talent for sharing her message through music, and engaging communication style exudes excitement! Her original “hit” song of “There’s Nothing Like Your Presence,” embodies her mission of living life to its’ fullest and enjoying every moment today. Bethany’s commitment to this way of life has proven successful in her professional career in healthcare. For the past several years, Bethany directed the SSM Health glee choir comprised of several clinicians and professionals across the organization. This year, she wrote and performed her original song “There’s Nothing Like Your Presence” at our annual Mission Days event. Since her debut, the song has been recognized in several venues across the organization, highlighted by a trip to our corporate headquarters, where Bethany performed her song for our senior leadership team at a prestigious event. Her accolades precede her, as a bright and positive spirit, with the ability to engage and move those that listen to her message through music and song.

-Kelli Gradel, EHR Training Director, SSM Health